Chef for a day!

Enjoy a pleasant day discovering the "tastiest" secrets of Italian cuisine; learn with our chef all the tricks of the local culinary tradition and how to prepare a typical Mediterranean dish.

Our region never ceases to amaze thanks to its countless scents and flavors.

Immerse yourself with us in the local tradition with our Cooking School. 

The local cuisine has ancient origins and hides many tasty secrets. Thanks to Nonna Gianna 2.0 Cooking School, our Chef will reveal all the tricks of the Neapolitan tradition and you will learn how to cook a delicious Mediterranean dish. All in a day of fun and relaxation!

Group Lessons

In each session you will learn the techniques of preparation of appetizers...


Exclusive Lessons (Master Class)

The exclusive lessons are aimed at those who want to make the "Nonna Gianna" Cooking Class, a unique experience of its kind and are dedicated to one or two couples, at most (always with a minimum of two people).


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